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I tend to make random posts, either ranting or raving about certain things that are going on in my life. I guess tumblr is my diary, but opened and somewhat censored.

2014 <3

I just keep thinking how 2014 has been the best year of my life so far. I mean its really had its up, and its downs, but still best year ever.

The beginning of the year started off with a break up with a long term boyfriend. It was a true blessing in disguise. I was devastated in the first few months, but when I heard about all the crappy things he did that I never knew, I felt better. I recall talking to my best guy friend and breaking down and crying, it was then that I realized he was abusive towards me. Though I knew it all along, I often blamed myself for his actions, but when I spoke to this friend I realized it wasn’t all my fault. I kind of felt stronger after this.

Then later in January, the 23rd to be exact, I got my dream car, which I financed myself. I was able to do this without a cosigner and my own down payment that I had been saving for years. Though the car was expensive, I can say that i’ve saved a ton on gas. I saved enough on gas to now be paying for a car payment and my own insurance, and it is still cheaper, in an entire month, than it was when I drove a gas guzzler. 

Then the follow month of purchasing my car I received a .50 cent raise, which is high for chase raises. Often times you’ll find that raises are only .10- .25, and my managers informed me they fought hard to get that raise. In addition to the raise I received a yearly bonus, which wasn’t huge but I definitely spent it well.

Furthering all of this I meant a few guys who were nice. Both pretty cool guys, but realized it wasn’t going to workout. One still loved his ex and another wasn’t so nice in the end. Though it bummed me out, it made me realize that at this age relationships aren’t as important as I used to hold them to be….

On another note, I’ve grown closer in my friendships and with my family. Even with my mom, which i never thought could happen…. My dad has recently been going through a lot, and I’ve been there for him, and it truly made me realize how amazing he really is. Also, I’ve connected with my mom in a way I never thought I would. My mom doesn’t work and is clearly depressed. Often times I hated her for this, and sometimes I catch myself getting mad, but than I realized her illness is what makes her this way. Recently i’ve been so stressed out, with all the medication changes, that I’ve thought about taking a semester off of school and even contemplated taking disability for work…. It was then when I connected the most with her and realized how untreated depression can really affect someone.

And most importantly of this year, I’ve gained confidence in myself. Even though i’ve been gaining weight, about ten pounds to be exact, I still feel absolutely confident in my looks, skills and personality. I’ve never felt this great about myself…

Overall I’ve never been this happy in my life and i’m loving every experience, even though some have been upsetting and hard, I learned a lot from them.

I hope the year continues to be a learning experience and good fortune comes my way. I am grateful for everything that has been thrown my way because I know i’ve learned from it or found more confidence in myself.


Sex blog! Easy Orgasm Tips

SO jealous&#8230;



Sex blog!
Easy Orgasm Tips

SO jealous…

The only thing I miss about having a relationship is being able to color… I want to color sooooo bad right now…. Oh wellz :-/

I am so happy to know that I have the best of friends and I never realized how supportive my family is.

Today I felt so horrible…. Emotionally…. I was crying and having horrible panic attacks that came in waves…. Luckily I was able to figure out what to do with my medication, but still…. The anti anxiety medication they gave me is definitely an overdose for my body… I shouldn’t feel that bad for not taking it in 3 days… I was so freaked out that I was gonna pass out or start crying in front of people.

My dad and grandma listened to me complain about not feeling well and they asked if I was ok. Adelaide made me soup and let me eat all her chocolate chip cookies :)

Not to be annoying…

I don’t know what it has been but I’ve been super confident in my looks the past while.

I know for sure it’s the break up and not having someone criticizing me and my appears. But still.

I love the confidence I’ve had, I’ve had the confidence to flirt and I’m even gonna man up and ask out a really handsome nice guy. I love the new me :)


Let It Go- American Sign Language

Oh man, this is really mesmerizing and my new favorite version of Let It Go

Sent this to my asl teacher and she’s gonna show it on thursday

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Just a PMS Rant

Ok so this really has been bugging me…. 

So I’ve talked to two different guys the past few weeks… Both I think are nice guys… However, I’ve had to text them up and say let’s hangout or hey what’s up… Never the way around… I just keep thinking ok so I have to chase after you? And you expect me to think you are interested? 

NO. I am not going to chase you… I gave you chances and you didn’t take them.

Like this guy my friend introduced me to. He went to my bday. He was pretty nice and all, but ditched me half way of my bday with my birthday gifts in his car…. Didn’t even give me his cell number (though he seemed somewhat interested in me). Then I get his number from the same friend and I call him. No answer… Then text him saying who I was what not… Then I ask him to do something that night because it seemed established that my friend had talk to him about us all going out… But he basically made plans to stay out in north park… Mkay sure let him do his thang… Then I basically call him to invite myself out with him and he hangs up on me in midsentence and texts me how he’s sorry he was in a cab figuring things out with his friends… I personally think it doesn’t excuse the fact he hung up on me mid sentence… Then he has the nerve to ask me to go out with him another day soon because “he does still have my birthday presents.” Not oh because it would be nice to go out with you soon… 

I’m not going to make all this effort if you won’t even give me the time or day… Not that I care for any relationship thing but seriously don’t be rude… I wouldn’t even treat them that way even if I wasn’t interested…


This is a win for everyone who’s ever lost money in a vending machine.


This is a win for everyone who’s ever lost money in a vending machine.

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No one has the right to say someone else is ugly.

We’re all guilty of it every so often, but still…


Do you like food as much as we do?

Bakers moment: When you want 30 of them.


Do you like food as much as we do?

Bakers moment: When you want 30 of them.

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Kitty gifs ^.^